About App

You drive Uber, Lyft, or rideshare? RideMap knows where the other drivers are and where the rides will be. We give you a heatmap of demand and auto-navigate you there.

RideMap shows you where the passengers are calling for rides in your city, helps you navigate there, and automates the process with a single button. One button displays a heatmap of current demand, with other drivers’ positions. Long-press on a good location, and your navigation app sets a path to it. The other button bypasses the map for you, calculates the nearest edge of the demand surface and auto-navigates you there.

We run custom maps for festivals and holidays, starting with SXSW, as well as for seasons and school year. We’re starting in Austin, and hope to be in DFW, Houston and San Antonio by the end of summer 2018. The basic level of service will always be free, and we’ll add layers of analysis and function later as in-app purchases, allowing us to get paid. Share and tell your friends; the algorithm will get smarter if more drivers use it.